It’s Ironic Mustache Wednesday, would you like some virtual toast with your mustachic irony?


Good day to you.  Have some toast!  Everyone loves toast.

I like toast

If the toast is virtual, does its mustache really exist?


Fly, Robin, Fly


BUT I HAVE RETURNED….  Yes, that’s right, The Friday Files has been MIA for a while.  Anyway, on topic, I am fairly indifferent to that song.  However, I thought you might like to know what birds talk about.  Well, each bird is an individual, of course.  But they’re all pretty flighty.  Whatever.  Oh forget it.  I’m just winging it here anyway.  If anyone even reads this, it will certainly be a feather in my cap.  I could go on, you know.  Yes, yes, I believe you do know.  I don’t want to cause any flap though, so without further delay, I give you a flight of fancy.  Oh stop it.  Just, here……….

Tweet this, mutherfucker

I’ve been working on my pecks.


Organ Week Suprise


You get an organ, an ironic mustache, and a terrible pun.  All for the low low price of a single click.  It does not get much better than this, folks!

Take care of your ironic aorta and it will take care of you

Out of Office


I am currently out of the internet, with limited access to fingers.  I will reply as soon as possible.  If you have an urgent need for stupid drawings that can not wait until I return, please draw your own picture.


Steady, there