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Ironic Pumpkinstache Wednesday


Thanks to the talented Coco & the stealthy Thomas, this Wednesday has been taken care of!  I must say, that is one happy lookin’ ‘stache.


An Unthinkable Ironic Mustache Wednesday


What if… what… IF… all the mustaches lost their irony????



Non-Carbon-Based Irony


Even vaporous, non-corporeal beings love to be ironic.  Viva la mustache!  And a happy Wednesday to all you life forms out there.  Except for the unicorns.  F*CK them unicorns.

“I am the vapourest, I said that even before I was self-aware.” — Gaseous Clay

Organ Week Suprise


You get an organ, an ironic mustache, and a terrible pun.  All for the low low price of a single click.  It does not get much better than this, folks!

Take care of your ironic aorta and it will take care of you

TODAY’S SPECIAL: You Can Have Your Ironic Summer Mustache & Eat It Too


Nothing says Ironic Mustache Wednesday like the first day of Summer!  Am I right??? AM I?????  Of course I am.  Don’t be foolish.

Happy Summer, Cheesestache.




Say cheese

Waiter, there’s a hair in my cheese!

Pirates & Clowns & Ironic Mustaches, Oh My!


It is, of course, Ironic Mustache Wednesday!  I know I have not been posting a lot lately, life stuff and all manner of blah blah blah and whatever, so, I thought I’d give you 2 ironic mustaches for the price of 1!  That’s right, good sir, I am AWESOME to you.

Have a GREAT day.





Haven't we had about enough of clowns, now?  Well of course, but that won't stop me.

Ahoy, Cap’n! Is that a lovely & fashionable peahen on your hat? Stunning.