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It’s Some Ironic Mustaches Are Ironicker Than Other Ironic Mustaches Wednesday, You Know


Why?  Why is she back?  Why did she draw this?  WHAT MADE HER DO IT????  She doesn’t know.  But it’s been a while, and Happy Ironic Mustache Wednesday.  Just because she doesn’t always draw them, doesn’t mean that Ironic Mustache Wednesdays don’t just keep happening and happening, you know.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving too or whatever.  Yeah, that’s it, go on, celebrate how the pilgrims and Indians gathered together to steal America from the dinosaurs by killing them with blankets infested with meteors.  Go on.  I hope you’re proud of yourself.


RARR. This could take a while.


Non-Carbon-Based Irony


Even vaporous, non-corporeal beings love to be ironic.  Viva la mustache!  And a happy Wednesday to all you life forms out there.  Except for the unicorns.  F*CK them unicorns.

“I am the vapourest, I said that even before I was self-aware.” — Gaseous Clay

Organ Week Suprise


You get an organ, an ironic mustache, and a terrible pun.  All for the low low price of a single click.  It does not get much better than this, folks!

Take care of your ironic aorta and it will take care of you

TODAY’S SPECIAL: You Can Have Your Ironic Summer Mustache & Eat It Too


Nothing says Ironic Mustache Wednesday like the first day of Summer!  Am I right??? AM I?????  Of course I am.  Don’t be foolish.

Happy Summer, Cheesestache.




Say cheese

Waiter, there’s a hair in my cheese!