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Not really. April Fool. w00t! Been in absentia for quite a while, but The Friday Files recently had it’s 1 year anniversary. To commemorate the historic event, I’ve actually drawn something for you. Happy Monday, my dear little fools of April!

Get your limited addition Unicron 3000 today!  People will fear you!  You will fear it!

Get your limited addition Unicron 3000 today! People will fear you! You will fear it!




and hello.  I have not posted recently, and suspect I will continue that way for a while.  I just have not felt much like drawing silly pictures lately.  Because life, that’s why.  Hopefully I will feel like being ridiculous and foolish again soon.  But for now, getting out of bed on a daily basis will have to be amusement enough, you know?  Yeah, you know.  Word up, my homies, as the kids may or may not say.

Anyway, just thought I’d mention.  And thank you for stopping by.

Non-Carbon-Based Irony


Even vaporous, non-corporeal beings love to be ironic.  Viva la mustache!  And a happy Wednesday to all you life forms out there.  Except for the unicorns.  F*CK them unicorns.

“I am the vapourest, I said that even before I was self-aware.” — Gaseous Clay

Adorbz Friday: Puppies and Birdies and Unicorns


I just love animals, don’t you?  Here now, a tip about new puppies.  Better be nice to new puppy!  Seriously, they have friends in high places.


Oh, little Amber, you’re in for such a surprise!

Fly, Robin, Fly


BUT I HAVE RETURNED….  Yes, that’s right, The Friday Files has been MIA for a while.  Anyway, on topic, I am fairly indifferent to that song.  However, I thought you might like to know what birds talk about.  Well, each bird is an individual, of course.  But they’re all pretty flighty.  Whatever.  Oh forget it.  I’m just winging it here anyway.  If anyone even reads this, it will certainly be a feather in my cap.  I could go on, you know.  Yes, yes, I believe you do know.  I don’t want to cause any flap though, so without further delay, I give you a flight of fancy.  Oh stop it.  Just, here……….

Tweet this, mutherfucker

I’ve been working on my pecks.