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Episode: Friday, wherein Season 2 begins


Hi! Hihihi! It has been a while, so we return to our roots with a simple drawing lesson for you, in classic Friday Files style…. RARR!!!!!


Oh, little girl, do not try to dominate this sheep’s spirit and enslave his soul. BIG mistake, that.


Fly, Robin, Fly


BUT I HAVE RETURNED….  Yes, that’s right, The Friday Files has been MIA for a while.  Anyway, on topic, I am fairly indifferent to that song.  However, I thought you might like to know what birds talk about.  Well, each bird is an individual, of course.  But they’re all pretty flighty.  Whatever.  Oh forget it.  I’m just winging it here anyway.  If anyone even reads this, it will certainly be a feather in my cap.  I could go on, you know.  Yes, yes, I believe you do know.  I don’t want to cause any flap though, so without further delay, I give you a flight of fancy.  Oh stop it.  Just, here……….

Tweet this, mutherfucker

I’ve been working on my pecks.