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Episode: Friday, wherein Season 2 begins


Hi! Hihihi! It has been a while, so we return to our roots with a simple drawing lesson for you, in classic Friday Files style…. RARR!!!!!


Oh, little girl, do not try to dominate this sheep’s spirit and enslave his soul. BIG mistake, that.


Adorbz Friday: Puppies and Birdies and Unicorns


I just love animals, don’t you?  Here now, a tip about new puppies.  Better be nice to new puppy!  Seriously, they have friends in high places.


Oh, little Amber, you’re in for such a surprise!

Sweet Cuddly Bunny Sweetness Monday Mornin’ On My Mind


Good morning, and best wishes for a fabulous, productive, lovable week!  Let’s start things off all warm and fuzzy and full of adorable.  Don’t you just love bunnies?  Everybody loves bunnies!  Good morning, Mr. Cuddlebum!!!




Yaaay!  Hop hop yaaay!

🙂 Free Hugs! 🙂