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Ironic Pumpkinstache Wednesday


Thanks to the talented Coco & the stealthy Thomas, this Wednesday has been taken care of!  I must say, that is one happy lookin’ ‘stache.



On The Road Again, or: Off To See The Bloggess


Well, The Friday Files is hitting the road tomorrow, and is going to a book signing event!  Jenny Lawson, a.k.a. The Bloggess, will be in NJ signing her NY Times bestseller, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir).  I am a big fan of Jenny’s, since discovering her blog last year (starting with this post and this post).  She is not only one of the funniest people on the planet, but she is an inspiration to many people in many, many ways.  Her book is wonderful, and I recommend it highly.  Hopefully I’ll totally keep my cool, for those few seconds when she signs my copy of the book… I shudder to think that there could be a repeat of [shudder]…… The Lithgow Incident.

But, I digress!  That is a story for another day, my friends!

As is the story of the last time The Friday Files hit the road, in Coco & Johnny’s Excellent Adventure: Red Dress In The Little City, back in April.  Total awesomeness, also inspired in large part by The Bloggess (here, and here is another very funny post, which includes the red dress).  I intend to write & post the story of our Red Dress adventure.  Eventually.  Really I do.  But then again, I intend to do a lot of things, so we shall see, shan’t we?

Anyway.  Unfortunately, the magnificent Coco will not be joining me, this time around… but I will bring her along for the ride in spirit!

To the Wongmobile, Coco!

Red Dress In The Little City

To the Wongmobile once again!

This Friday Thing Probably Happened On A Tuesday But We’ll Never Really Know On Account Of The Martinis


Oh happy day, it’s time for your dose of The Friday Files!  AND, it’s Friday!  Hot damn just what the doctor ordered!  But, the doctor plays whist with the Gleasons on Tuesdays, and Thursdays are skee ball practice, so here it is Friday and I really don’t know why I’m even talking about doctors, because really???  YOU just want to look at pictures on the internet and let your attention deficit disorder run rampant, now don’t you?  So, let’s just get on with it, I say.  I’m meeting Coco for martinis this evening and I really just don’t need you hassling me like this.  Really.  This was all just so uncalled for.  Can’t you just heat up some soup or something and call it a day?  I’d like to get on to that martini, already.

Have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!





Good night, funnyman

Can someone grab a band-aid from the Zee kit?