This Friday Thing Probably Happened On A Tuesday But We’ll Never Really Know On Account Of The Martinis


Oh happy day, it’s time for your dose of The Friday Files!  AND, it’s Friday!  Hot damn just what the doctor ordered!  But, the doctor plays whist with the Gleasons on Tuesdays, and Thursdays are skee ball practice, so here it is Friday and I really don’t know why I’m even talking about doctors, because really???  YOU just want to look at pictures on the internet and let your attention deficit disorder run rampant, now don’t you?  So, let’s just get on with it, I say.  I’m meeting Coco for martinis this evening and I really just don’t need you hassling me like this.  Really.  This was all just so uncalled for.  Can’t you just heat up some soup or something and call it a day?  I’d like to get on to that martini, already.

Have a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!





Good night, funnyman

Can someone grab a band-aid from the Zee kit?


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