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Finger Sandwiches, or…


The Mind Tool

Beachcomber fluoresces

With the light of a thousand

Unitard-toting unicorns.

Fluorescing yes / sparkling no.


Because the unitard is

Not the weapon of choice.

Canned pseudo-meat is

Where it’s at.

And where it’s at

Is also


Twain invented chortling


Not at Woodstock.

That would be




Hail the conquering bunbun beast.


Flagship of the Glorious Hoe, or…


Submit Your Petulance 

Flesh blindness and illumination is a far cry from dance

One exhilarating struggle and all man strains the realm of fleeting darts.

Soft continues the executive’s awareness

You, the silky portal, gazing behind him,

Bite through the grisly rim of his answer.

He may sign your paycheck, but each journey begins with your own little game of sudoku or other fill in the blank plankton.

I can’t chortle if they just keep warming the continuity, after all!

Know the other buttress.

Aye, captain.

Know.  The.  Other.


OMG Ironic Mustache Wednesday just got all up in your business yo!


Got a really amazing, amazing Ironic Mustache Wednesday surprise for ya!!!  I had something else all lined up, and POW inspiration smashed me right in my face!!!  Much like this funny little fellow would!  Hope this gives you a great big hoot!  So fun you’ll pee your pants, at LEAST…




AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I can feel your laughter, and sweat, from here!

Oh you are so funny, mister clowny! Hey, nice 'stache there, too!

Behold the Populace, or…


Density’s Destiny





‘Tis the season of mass-conflagration.

A downpour of mis-education,

And you thought it was raining, silly.

The lemon, they say, is not sour

If you touch it just the right way.

Shall I chortle & run

Willy nilly?

Now there is an idea.


Hey, this sure is shiny.  I should get one.