Feelin’ squirrely? You’re nuts.


Some say that squirrels are the harbingers of doom.  This fella’s ironic mustache seems to support that argument.

He will f*ck you up.


Pain, or…


Nine Days And Getting Worse

My mom is gone.

How can I stand it?

She was not ready.  She had things to do.  I had things to tell her.

It just gets more awful.


No please.  Make this nonsense not be.

And The Righteous Shall Hop


Hi!  Never be afraid of your voice.  Speak your message.  Be fuzzy.  Wiggle your nose a bit.  Roll in the clover of life.  Distribute hard-boiled eggs freely on an annual basis.  Kick it with your comrades.  And above all, be excellent to each other.BUNNYTRUTH