Holy SHIIIIIIIT is it Wednesday again? Get down with some Ironic Mustacheness!


WOOOOOOOO!  Here we are again!  I just can’t believe how exciting Ironic Mustache Wednesday is becoming.  It’s all you hear about anymore!  Unless you don’t.

You may recall that last Wednesday we had some Mustache Irony all lined up for you, but at the last moment a hilarious mustachioed clown demanded to be featured, and I don’t know about you but I wasn’t going to refuse this feisty little fellow!  Wasn’t he superfun??? https://thefridayfiles.com/2012/04/25/omg-ironic-mustache-wednesday-just-got-all-up-in-your-business-yo/

Good thing, too, because now we have last week’s comic in reserve, and since the inside of my face is totally trying to kill me, I’m just going to slap this bad boy up, right here and now.  Enjoy!

Ready… Set… GO!




Mustache Man booped himself!



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