Happy Super-Lucky 13th Kind of Friday!


Boy oh boy it’s Friday the 13th, and this is a very special milestone here at The Friday Files!  Our 3rd week begins, and we’re still at it, cranking out the amazing amazingness for you.  So, without further whatchamacallit and like that, we present another drawing lesson…. Enjoy!

Watch out little fella!

That Old Mother Hubbard wasn't the sweetheart the media would have you believe. Watch out little Snuffles! This Friday is not so lucky for you!


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  1. Old Mother Hubbard, a.k.a. Lizzy Borden. Although the cubbard is a litle plain for the time period. She should also look a little crazy and not mad. Well, “mad”. Depends on your definition I guess. I meant angry.

    • Oh, I don’t know, Extrovert… I don’t thing madness precludes anger, necessarily! I like to think she is enjoying both types of “mad.” Hmm, “enjoying” may not be the right word here exactly…

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